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Your Sound Sleep Aid

Sleeper Plugs

Soft Ear Plugs for Sleeping and Relaxation
Extremely low-profile, comfortable and invisible ear plugs that drowns out the noise in your sleep.

ADV. Sleeper Plugs for Sleeping


Drown out the Noise for Perfect Night's Sleep
The Sleeper Plugs provide superior noise isolation up to 27dB, effectively blocking out any outside noise from entering your ear. Such isolation provides perfect night's uninterrupted sleep from your partner's snoring or any other noises that wake you up at night.

Your Ideal Sleep Aid
The Sleeper Plugs is a perfect aid for those having difficulty with sleep - whether it is due to chronic anxiety or jet lag from traveling causing delayed circadian rhythm.  Lack of sleep can trigger vivid dreams and lucid dreaming which can negatively impact the quality of sleep that may perpetuate the issue long-term.

Maximum Comfort
The Sleeper Plugs are designed based on hundreds of thousands of real ear impressions to be as comfortable as they can possibly be.  The ear plugs are oval-shaped with the second-bend in-ear ergonomic design.  Combined with the hollow cavity design which relieves pressure while side-sleeping, the Sleeper Plugs are the most comfortable universal sleep ear plugs in the market.

Super-soft TPE, Safe for Touch
The ear plugs are made using the non-toxic TPE that is safe to use on skin with years of experience dealing with custom earplugs and hearing aids behind.  Also, they can be easily washed & rinsed in water to keep them cleaned.


What's Included

  • 1 pair of Sleeper Plugs
  • 1 Carrying case


User Guide

ADV. Sleeper Plugs User Guide



Sleeper Series Sleeper TWS Sleeper Wireless Sleeper Loop Sleeper Plugs
Connection True Wireless BT Wireless BT Wired 3.5mm
Wireless Charging
Fit Style Secure Deep Comfort Max Comfort
Music Control
Volume Control
Battery Life 5 / 15 hrs 7 hrs
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