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We can easily make changes to your order, or update your shipping address, as long as your order hasn’t been shipped. Please contact our Customer Care team at to let us know how you wish to change/cancel your order.

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On all international orders, import duties and taxes are not included in the price at check-out. These charges will be collected by the shipping service upon delivery. Please check with your country's customs office to determine these costs.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return your item(s) within 30 days of receipt for a refund. Please find more information here. Please note that Sleeper Plugs are non-returnable.

I received the wrong item.

If you received an incorrect item, please contact us at with a photo of the incorret item and your order number.

My order says "delivered," but I haven't received it.

If you haven't already, please try looking for the package somewhere near your front door or asking your neighbors. Sometimes, postal workers leave packages near doorsteps and not near residential post office boxes. Also, a well-meaning neighbor might have taken your package inside their house for safekeeping or for protection against the rain or other bad weather.

We have also seen packages to deliver 1-2 days after it has been marked as delivered. Kindly allow a few days to see if the package shows up. If package is still missing, please get in touch with us at

Sleeper Speaker

Does Sleeper Speaker work with memory-foam pillow?

Yes. Sleeper Speaker will work with almost all types of pillows that are made with flexible material such as cotton, feather or memory-foam.

What pillow material is recommended for better bass response?

The fluffier and less dense material will transmit more volume of sound. Bass response will greatly vary depending on the mattress, bed sheet and pillow type.

Does it turn off if there's no signal to it?

No. However, you can set up a power-off timer on the device, and/or manually power off.

I'm very interested, but would prefer to use it without any Bluetooth signal bombarding my head all night. If I just use the MicroSD card, is the Bluetooth totally off?

Yes. In MicroSD (storage) mode, there is no emitted Bluetooth signal.

What if I've got like a real fluffy pillow?

It will work fine. More dense material such as memory foam transfers less volume, in which case you can flip the speaker and have speaker side up to increase total volume.

How does MicroSD work in regards to playback? Does it just shuffle? Does it repeat? Does it always play the same order? Can you control playback beyond just volume?

It will play in file name alphabetical order. You can skip or go to previous tracks by long-pressing volume buttons. There is no shuffle and repeat function.

Sleeper Wireless

I’m having a hard time pairing my Sleeper Wireless, can you help me?

When turning on Sleeper Wireless, please do not let go of the power button even after you hear "Power On." Continue to hold and you will hear, "Battery..." continue to hold until you hear, "Ready to pair." At this point, you should be able to see ADV. Sleeper on your bluetooth setting to choose.

Sleeper Breathe

How does Sleeper Breathe mouth tape work?

Sleeper Breathe mouth tape forces your mouth closed and directs air through your nose. It promotes improved sleep for you and your partner.

Will I suffocate if I use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape while having a stuffy nose?

No. Our bodies have natural instincts that will wake us up if breathing becomes difficult due to congestion. Breathing through the mouth can cause the blood vessels in the nose to produce mucus and swelling. Therefore, using Sleeper Breathe mouth tape can help alleviating stuffy nose in some cases. The tape is also woven fabric allowing adequate amount of air to pass through. You can practice using the tape during the day to get accustomed to nose breathing before using them at night.

Can I use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape with allergies?

Yes. Many people are unaware that practicing nose breathing can improve nose function. Consistent nose breathing over time can dilate the airways and generally reduce congestion.

Can I use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape with a deviated septum?

Yes, you can use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape if you have a deviated septum. It may not be suitable for everyone, and the tape may not work for some individuals. For sinus issues, practicing nose breathing can be beneficial, as it can dilate the airways and reduce congestion over time. Many start by using the tape during the day until they feel comfortable wearing them throughout the night.

Can I use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape with sleep apnea?

We always recommend that individuals evaluate their own needs and seek the most appropriate treatment for themselves. To maintain an open airway, the tongue should ideally be positioned at the roof of the mouth. When breathing through the mouth, the tongue tends to rest on the floor of the mouth, increasing the likelihood of it falling back into the throat. Sleeper Breathe mouth tape promotes nose breathing which helps to keep the tongue in the correct position.

Can I use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape with a CPAP machine?

Yes, Sleeper Breathe mouth tape is compatible with CPAP machines. It helps eliminate mouth breathing, leading to better sleep. Additionally, it is often used to address the “air leak” issue associated with CPAP machines.

Can I use Sleeper Breathe mouth tape with asthma?

Yes. Breathing through the nose helps to slow down, humidify, condition, and filter the air before it reaches your lungs. If you struggle with asthma, taking deeper, more cleansed breaths can significantly benefit your body. For those who find nose breathing challenging, you can practice using Sleeper Breathe mouth tape during the day or before bed until you feel completely comfortable wearing them throughout the night.

Sleeper Plugs

Sleeper Plugs don't seem to isolate noise very well, am I wearing them correctly?

If you haven't already, please try rotating the Sleeper Plugs so that the curve of the plugs match the curve of the ear canals to improve the seal. It may also help to pull the upper outer part of the ear outward as you insert the ear plugs to allow a deep fit.

How do I clean my Sleeper Plugs?

With tightly rung out damp towel (water only), gently wipe away ear wax or debris.

Any other questions?