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Sleeper Shelf

Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer
Convenient bedside shelf with built-in phone stand and multiple cable organizers to tidy up your bed. No tools required for installation.


Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand Cable Organizer

Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand Cable Organizer

Sleeper Shelf Bedside Tray Organizer Phone Stand Cable Management


Great Substitute for Nightstands
Forget climbing down from the top bunk or getting out of bed just to grab something from the floor or across the room. With Sleeper Shelf, a smart phone, book, alarm clock, drink, or any other items you might bring with you in bed can be just an arm's length away. Sleeper Shelf allows you to save floor space, making it an excellent alternative to a nightstand in a cramped room or bunk bed.

Built-in Phone Stand & Cable Organizer
Sleeper Shelf offers built-in phone stand and multiple cable organizers which makes it an ideal charging cradle for your mobile devices including iPhone and Apple Watch.

Sturdy and Easy Installation
No tools are required for installation of Sleeper Shelf. Simply insert the solid steel arms in between mattress and box spring and you are ready to go. Sleeper Shelf reliably holds contents weighing up to 3-lbs.

2-way Adjustable Heights
The height of the steel arms are easily adjustable to account for different mattress heights: 7.9-inch(200mm) / 6-inch(150mm).



Dimension (shelf) 11.8" (300mm) x 7.3" (185mm) x 1.2" (30mm)
Heights (arms) 7.9-inch (200mm) / 6-inch (150mm)
Material (shelf) ABS
Material (arms) Steel (powder-coated)


What's Included

  • 1 Sleeper Shelf
  • 2 steel arms


User Guide

Sleeper Shelf Manual



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Suarez
A Practical Solution for Small Spaces

As someone who values practicality and organization in my living spaces, I'm always on the lookout for products that can optimize my surroundings and enhance my daily routine. The Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer has quickly become an essential addition to my bedroom, providing a clutter-free and convenient solution for my bedside essentials. After thoroughly testing and using this versatile accessory, I'm excited to share my detailed review.Design and Functionality:The Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer boasts a minimalist and functional design, seamlessly blending into various bedroom décor styles. Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces, fitting snugly onto the side of any bed frame. The shelf is crafted from durable ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance. The top surface features a non-slip silicone lining, preventing items from sliding off, even when the bed is moved.Versatility and Organization:The Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer serves multiple purposes, transforming your bedside into an organized haven. Its primary function is to provide a dedicated space for your smartphone, keeping it within easy reach while you sleep or relax in bed. The shelf also features a built-in cable organizer, allowing you to neatly manage charging cables and prevent them from tangling or cluttering your nightstand.Additional Features and Benefits:The Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer offers several additional features that enhance its overall functionality and appeal: Raised edges: The shelf's raised edges prevent items from slipping off, even when the bed is tilted or moved. Easy installation: The shelf attaches securely to the bed frame without requiring any tools or drilling. Compatible with various bed types: The shelf is compatible with most standard bed frames, including bunk beds, platform beds, and box spring beds.Overall Impression:The Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer has undoubtedly become an indispensable item in my bedroom. Its thoughtful design, versatility, and ease of use make it an ideal solution for maximizing space and keeping your bedside essentials organized. Whether you're seeking a clutter-free nightstand, a convenient phone stand, or a smart cable management system, this accessory seamlessly addresses all these needs. I highly recommend the Sleeper Shelf Bedside Phone Stand & Cable Organizer to anyone seeking to optimize their bedside space and enhance their nighttime routine.Pros: Space-saving design for small bedstands Non-slip silicone lining prevents items from sliding off Built-in cable organizer for tangle-free management Raised edges for added security Easy tool-free installation Compatible with various bed types Durable and long-lasting constructionCons: May not be suitable for very thick bed frames May require occasional adjustment to ensure a secure fit

Pretty good for what it is

This table is pretty solid and holds my phone nicely. Be warned that this item only works if you have a solid box spring or similar hard surface underneath your mattress. Otherwise it's likely to fall over during use. The only trouble I had was fitting my charging cable through the cable slot, it can be a bit small for some cables of unusual size.

Eureka! (A good thing...)

I was a little hesitant to order this. Worried it might look like a clunky "disability" item. But it's quite discrete; easy to install, tucks solidly under the mattress. Holds and organizes All That Extra Stuff that collects on a bedside end table. Including your cell phone (either lying flat or held upright), charger cords, etc. Non-skid surface. I wouldn't trust a heavy glassful of cranberry juice on it (I did try it -- it didn't spill or fall, but pushed the performance envelope). Recommended, especially if you need an extra surface within easy reach of your bedside.

Jennifer Secrist
Very helpful!

Simple but great design. It is all white and matches my furniture perfectly. It comes as three separate pieces. The table portion and two legs. The legs/arms slide easily into the slots on the base. Then it slides under your mattress. It is smaller than I was expecting but honestly I like it. It is enough space for my phone and a drink or book. Not tablet size though. Despite size it is well made and sturdy. The slit in the base is great for cables to charge phones and similar items. The flat/top portion is soft rubber/silicone for non slip. I'm greatful to not fall off my bed to reach for my phone now!

wish it was 1/2 an inch wider

fits 0/4 of my keyboards. Would fit all of them if it were 1/2 an inch wider. Does as advertised, but this thing could give folks the ability to pc game from a couch/loveseat, which would broaden the use