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Your Sound Sleep Aid

Sleeper Speaker

Bone-conduction Pillow Speaker
Under-pillow wireless speaker designed to stream your favorite audio using bone-conduction technology without the isolation of headphones.

ADV. Sleeper Speaker Pillow Speaker

ADV. Sleeper Speaker Pillow Speaker

ADV. Sleeper Speaker Pillow Speaker


Perfect for Sleeping
ADV. Sleeper Speaker is designed to be your sleep companion. Place it under the pillow for the most gentle yet personalized way to experience sound as you get into the your cozy zone. Listen to your favorite audio book, podcast, music, white noise and more without disturbing your partner, simply through your pillow.

Bone Conduction – What is it?
Most often the sound is heard through air conduction. This is when the sound waves travel through the air to our eardrums causing them to vibrate. The vibrations from the eardrums are then received by the bone in inner ear called cochlea, to ultimately let our brain process this vibration as sound. With bone conduction, eardrum step is bypassed. It delivers vibrations directly to the bone in the inner ear to deliver sound.

Maximum Comfort – Wear Nothing
With Sleeper Speaker placed under the pillow, you can rest comfortably without wearing a device and still hear your favorite sound. It will free you from any soreness or pain experienced from wearing earbuds over an extended period of time. Measuring at 0.4 inches thin, the Sleeper Speaker will disappear between your bed and pillow – so that all you feel is nothing but comfort.

Healthy Ears
As you are promoting good air flow to your ears, Sleeper Speaker will aid in minimizing wax build-up and keeping your ears clean. Use of Sleeper Speaker can reduce the risk of hearing impairment also since the eardrums are kept away from the direct contact of the sound wave.

2 Easy Ways to Use – Wireless Mode or Memory Mode
Enjoy music through Sleeper Speaker in 2-ways: wirelessly paired to your phone or through SD card* with pre-stored audio. *SD Card is not included.

1-hour Timer Option with Built-in Remote
Don’t need sound all night? No worries, simply triple-press the power button to enable 1-hour timer. In addition to the power button, the built-in remote provides convenient controls for audio playback.



Driver unit 2 x 23mm bone-conduction driver
Music time Up to 8 hours
Charging time 2 hours
BT version 5.0
Supported file type MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA, APE
Connection distance 10M (33ft)
Input port USB-C, MicroSD


What's Included

  • 1 Sleeper Speaker
  • 1 USB-C charging cable


User Guide

ADV. Sleeper Speaker Pillow Speaker User Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
michelle frails
Game changer

I have tried everything. Bose Sleep Earbuds repeatedly stopped working. I gave up on the third pair at almost $500, each what a ripoff! The earbuds with wire just would wake me up because they either stringed me or falls out. The sleepers are prefect! Easy and practical. The price is so affordable! Love them!

billy bahr
Great product!!

Easy to use and is of good quality!

Nice product

I wanted something without wires that would let me listen to music or podcasts in bed without disturbing my wife. This little pillow "speaker" does that pretty well. Given its size and the fact that it is further muffled by the pillow, I don't want to give the impression that the sound is overwhelming, but for my purposes it is quite nice and it can programmed to shut off, if one falls asleep while listening.

Jaime Lowe
Great for ASMR

My son loves to fall asleep to ASMR. This is a great way for him to do it without me having to hear it.

Works great!

I totally love this device and would highly recommend if you love to listen to music or bedtime meditations! I was very skeptical that this would work the "dynamic" way that earbuds do when the songs or meditations throw sounds back and forth to give you that great, full bodied sound. Before I laid down I questioned if the device was even on bc I couldn't hear a thing. I laid down and it was SO LOUD. It's so crazy to me it can do this, so it really does not bother my hubby in the least. It works very similar to ear buds and gave a really great sound and still did the kind of back and forth sound I was speaking of. I put it on the left side of my pillow bc I was worried about laying directly on it (not sure why bc it is literally made to lay on). The sound quality did not appear to be coming from the left side, but rather all over like ear buds would sound. I totally love it!