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Your Sound Sleep Aid

Are you striving towards lasting self-improvement? Do you want to become the best version of yourself, but you have not taken one serious step yet to achieve it since you are fatigued from the traditional methods! Whether you want to stop procrastination, wake up early, or become more confident. The secret behind achieving any self-improvement goals is all about self-hypnosis! Wait, Wait, do not let the image of the pendulum dangling in front of your eyes sneaks to your mind, as this is entirely wrong. While practicing self-hypnosis, you will not lose control of yourself nor wash your brain. Instead, you will be mentally relaxed and open to any suggestions, meaning you will guide your thoughts in the direction you desire. Go through these three stages and experience the most fabulous adventure from which you will be the person you aspire to be.

Prepare Yourself for Self-Hypnosis

Proper preparedness is the first step you should take to get the desired results. Therefore, you have to determine a particular self-improvement goal you seek to achieve and the affirmations you will mumble to yourself during the hypnotic state, but keep in mind that those affirmations should be straightforward, realistic, positive, and written in the present tense. For example, “I am confident”, “I wake up early”, “I quit smoking” are better than saying, “I was never insecure”, “I will wake up early”, and “I don’t want to be a smoker again.” Then, accept the idea that you really want to be hypnotized as practice it half-heartedly impairs its effectiveness. After that, sequester yourself in a comfortable place away from any distractions, turn off your phone, and sit comfortably with uncrossed legs.

Enter the World of Self-Hypnosis

Are you ready for inducing yourself into an exceptionally suggestible state?  You are within spitting distance of your goal. Just follow the steps bellow meticulously and wait for the impressive results afterward.

  • Focus your concentration on the ceiling or a specific spot while repeating in your mind, “My eyelids are heavy, and they will close.” several times so that you will relax, and your eyes will be closed.
  • Let your mind get rid of any anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts by taking deep breaths. Just imagine that the negativity slips away as a black cloud with each breath you exhale from your mouth, and a new train of positive thoughts and energy comes with each breath you take from your nose. Repeating the same process, the tension will slowly vanish from your body, leaving you relaxed.
  • Slowly, start counting from five to zero while mumbling, “I’m relaxing…” after each number. When you reach the number zero, you will have a loose body, a heightened state of concentration, and a controlled subconscious brain.
  • Narrate all the post-hypnotic suggestions (affirmations) you have written before and make sure that you concentrate on one idea, as it is wrong to say, “I am confident, I wake up early, and I quit smoking.” in the same session. Instead, you have to focus on one part you want to boost, and then repeat the session for other goals. Do not forget to say each suggestion while you literally mean every single word in it.
  • Visualize a scene related to your suggestion in your mind’s eye. For instance, if you want to improve your self-confidence, just imagining yourself face the whole world while you are upright with a confident smile, and a head held high will make you more extroverted. The Dopamine rush alone resulted from this visualization will be worth it.

Get Ready to Exit this Fascinating World

Getting out of your hypnotic state is as important as entering it, so be careful and do not spoil everything at the last minute. You have to reverse the process of counting that you did at the beginning. Start counting from 0-5 while rehearsing positive statements after each number, such as “When I awake, I will be confident…” When your eyes are open, you will feel that the burden on your shoulder is relieved, your positive energy is renewed, and you are completely energized and excited to begin your day

Never Quit Practicing Self-Hypnosis

If you think that self-hypnosis offers you a “quick fix” or is the magic wand that enhances everything by a touch, you are completely wrong. Self-hypnosis, like any other activity, needs effort, continuous practice, and perseverance, so your subconscious brain can respond to the new messages. Therefore, do not get stressed and freaked out if you do not succeed on the first or the second try. Instead, practice it daily if the best results are your primary concern, and you will discover by yourself how you get in a deeper level of relaxation each time you practice it. Do not stop and keep it up!

It is commonly said that, “Seeing is believing, but the feeling is the very truth” So what are you waiting for? It is time to exploit this innate mental power. Self-hypnosis is not only a therapeutic tool! It is a way of reprogramming your thinking, adopting new thoughts, relieving your anxiety, and making a better you. Get hypnotized and be the one you aspire to be.