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Are you a businessman, a regular traveler, or a student forced to master a foreign language at record speed, but frustrated as you believe that this is impossible! Being gifted at any language in an incredibly short time for business, travel, or entertainment is not impossible unless you decide it is. Stop looking at polyglots as superheroes with exceptional talents since they only outperform you with their willpower and determination to chase their goals. Therefore, it is time to master your dream language within a few months through the following tips and tricks. Go ahead and unleash the polyglot inside you.

Change Your Language Learning Self Conception

Put your goal in front of your eyes and get rid of all the excuses that hinder you from foreign language learning, including the misconception that adults cannot master the foreign language the way children do. This is the failure’s excuse! Instead of letting such wicked thoughts control you, keep in your mind that, “Babies are not better language learners than you; they just have no escape routes.”, and imagine how enriching and rewarding speaking another language will be. Consider the benefits you will gain from such fascinating experience and how it will enhance your brainpower and increase your concentration in addition to the overwhelming happiness that you will feel by ordering your food in a restaurant or impressing the natives with your ability to speak their language. Yes, these are small details, but the euphoria of victory you will feel  is worth it.

Master the Most Frequent Vocabulary

What is the benefit of memorizing a vast list of vocabulary while you will not be able to tell which town you live in? Is it logical to learn the word “niece” at the beginning while you will use the word “mother” ninety times more often? Learning the most common 1000 words make up 80% of the spoken language; meaning mastering them will let you achieve the full-fledged fluency you want. Besides, your brain will find it easier to start with 1000 words as the heavy load of words will make you cringe and give up the idea of learning. Make sure to consider the following tips while learning new vocabulary:

  • Do not start from scratch as you already know some cognates (Words in your native language and have the same meaning in the other language). Many languages, including Italian, Spanish, and English have words in common. Therefore, look for these words since the idea that you already know a considerable amount of words will relieve the burden on your shoulder, and the process of learning will not be daunting anymore.   
  • Figure out a connection between the new words and specific situations, so that they will stick in your mind that gives more priority to terms tied to memories. For example, if your teacher told you that your presentation was “outstanding”, you will remember the word “outstanding” for the last day of your life as it is associated with an exhilarating situation. Adopt this strategy and discover the impressive results yourself.
  • Try to learn the words that are relevant to your interest. In other words, customize the words to meet your language-learning goal. For instance, if you are a student, learn academic words while if you want to work in a restaurant out there, learn food-related terms.

Use Language in Real-Life Situation

Have you ever thought of the reason behind your inability to speak fluently despite the years you spent while learning the language? Simply because you waste your time while studying grammar and memorizing vocabulary without putting them in practice, and if there is a secret behind learning a new language, it is practice. Traveling is one of the core ways to practice the target language, especially without spending a penny or even booking a plane ticket. If you think that you need a magic wand to do so, technology is there.  Do not underestimate this magic wand, which provides you with many sites, such as “Meetup”, “The Mixxer”, and “iTalk” through which you can practice the target language with native speakers. Take advantage of the opportunity, speak with native speakers or an online tutor for several hours, and never be ashamed to make mistakes, as they will give you accurate corrections of them, which will boost your target language skills. Remember that there is nothing magical in the air of any country to make you master the language. The magic is in your hand, and the decision is yours.

Let Language Learning Be a Daily Habit

Make learning something new in the language a daily habit, just like brushing your teeth since one of the reasons that eliminates the effectiveness of language learning is to separate between the learning sessions. In other words, you will forget what you have learned the last time and go back to the starting point, which will take much more time. Therefore, allot a period of your day to revise the previous things and learn something new through listening to audiobooks and reading. Even if you do not have time to do so, you have to challenge yourself by running several monologues in your head in the target language all day up. It will be one of the most enjoyable habits, I promise.

Learning a new language means joining a whole new world of different people, discovering the wonders of a particular culture, enhancing life chances, and getting access to things you will never reach otherwise. It is time to kickstart this fantastic journey and to be an unparalleled polyglot within few months.