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Your Sound Sleep Aid

Have you ever observed your behavior when you haven’t been able to sleep for more than 24 hours? How every little things starts to gets on your nerves and a perfectly still tree at the corner of your street might piss you off too! this is not because the tree has done something really evil today to taunt you, its just your mind playing emotional tricks on you because of sleep deprivation.

As an adult we all know how much we love sleeping, an act which was considered a punishment in childhood is seen as a blessing when we get few extra hours to sleep. While sleeping creates excitement and happiness in our minds and fills our soul with sense of fulfillment it is of vital importance for physical and mental health too. if you aren’t aware of the importance of sleep yet, I would suggest you to go watch The Russian Sleep experiment, which will probably prove how important a good and sound sleep is to human mind and body.

A good night’s sleep help you strengthen your immune system while making your body well-rested to fight the external harmful factors the next day. Sleeping can also improve your memory, improve your blood pressure and provide a stable mental health functionality. A comfortable sleep also helps you regulate your body weight, a study suggests that people who sleep for less than five hours a night are almost three times more likely to gain weight, than those who sleep seven hours of peaceful sleep every night. Some researches also prove that people who sleep less or irregularly have a poor glucose production system which may lead them to develop Type II diabetes over time. And why do you think doctors recommend you to have a good comfortable sleep when you are sick? Well that’s because sleep is a painkiller too!

So, get your comforters ready and do not compromise on your emotional as well as physical health by staying up those extra long hours when you should be snoring peacefully.