Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Sleeping

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ADV. Sleeper Use Case Scneario

Sleeper Connector

Perfect for Sleeping / Relaxation / WFH
ADV. Sleeper is designed to be your travel and sleep companion. Its tiny housing is made of silicone uni-body and designed for maximum comfort and universal fitment. A full-range micro driver is designed to deliver neutral and comfortable sound signature perfect for sleep and relaxation - no sudden peaks and spikes. Only a pleasant surprise.

Universal-fit Silicone Uni-body Housing
The Sleeper is constructed in flexible and comfortable silicone uni-body housing with one-size ear tips designed to fit all ear types. Perfect small size in-ear design stays in ears comfortably even for side-sleeping.

Neutral Sound Tuning
The Sleeper is specifically tuned for neutral and comfortable listening suitable for sleeping and relaxation in all volume levels. Details are clear and never fatiguing, bass is controlled but fully present.

In-line Remote / Mic
The in-line remote provides convenient controls for music playback and answering/ending phone calls with the built-in microphone - perfect WFH work-from-home earphones for zoom conference calls.The remote and microphone function is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and most smartphones and tablets with 3.5mm jack.

1 carrying pouch

Tech spec

Driver unit Full-range neutral
Impedance 16 Ohm+/-15%
Sensitivity 90dB+/-3dB at 1kHz
FR 20Hz – 20kHz
Power input 3mW
Max input power 5mW
Cord length 1.2M
Plug 3.5mm gold plated


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